Embracing modern software and infrastructure

Using first principles to unlock our client's potential through automation, infrastructure and the latest in cutting edge technology.

Rethinking enterprise software at scale.

Many large companies are unable to effect significant change in their landscape due to existing limiting structures and procedures. Small businesses face the opposite problem where loose ad hoc processes restrict scaling and stifle expansion.

[X82Softworks] seeks to fuse the agility of startups together with the systems driven approach from enterprise businesses to accelerate growth for our clients. To do this, we take a different approach to development that favours immediate results and innovation, whilst aiming for scalable, sustainable long term value.


Creating immediate value for clients.

This is a non-exhaustive list of the services we provide. Should you not find your exact requirements, please send an enquiry to our sales department at sales@x82.io for a customized quote.

Custom DevelopmentQuality modular code built to satisfy clients unique needs, following industry best practices.
UI and UX designUsing a human-centric approach to ensure complex information and functionality becomes simple, intuitive and appealing.
Cloud InfrastuctureReliable, scalable and cost effective solutions for on premises, hybrid or pure cloud architectures.
DevOpsShortening systems development life cycles and provide continuous delivery with high software quality and security.
Agile Project ManagementRapid iterative planning life cycles with a focus on client feedback driving development.
Support and MaintenanceEnd-to-end support and ongoing development for managed services, applications and infrastructure.

Innovating and prototyping from within.

We take our commitment to systems driven innovation seriously. Internally we research, and test all the products and services we advocate for, to be assured of their robustness and efficacy. By keeping up to date with the latest technology we are able to analyze and benchmark different approaches and design an optimal tech stack.

While not limited to, these are the technologies we have chosen to use at [X82Softworks] to facilitate high performance with small focused teams.

Embracing modern software and infrastructure.

[X82Softworks] believes in maximizing architectural and infrastructure automation as much as possible. Leveraging Infrastructure as Code (IAC), allows us to produce testable, scalable and reproducible solutions using leading cloud provider platforms for our clients.

This approach allows us to focus on new emerging technological challenges without reinventing the wheel. This translates to a faster delivery for our clients as well as providing a robust foundation to rapidly create and deploy new resources.


Terraform is the worlds leading IAC software tool. We chose Terraform for its wide support of providers allowing us the freedom to manage end to end resources from git repositories to cloud architecture, access control and more. Our enterprise clients approve of its wide adoption and open source nature which allows for minimal lock in and low maintenance.

Amazon Web Service

AWS is the most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform and most of our enterprise clients' preferred choice. It offers us the ability to tackle any architectural setup, and develop scalable and highly available solutions knowing that we have a reliable and durable foundation to build upon.


Embracing automation to its fullest allows [X82Softworks] to seamlessly scale our operations and maximize the potential of our human resources. We strive to automate every process we can in order to pass on the time and cost saving benefits to our clients. Developer productivity increases siginificantly when monotonous manual work is eliminated.

Setting up explicit rule based systems helps to prevent against key man dependencies as well as allow for a smooth transition when our solutions are handed over to maintenance engineers.


Gitlab shares our vision to innovate faster through iterative processes that allow for high visibility collaborative development. Using Gitlab allows us to automate the the entire devops life cycle from creation, development, verification, securiting testing, deployment and monitoring using a single centralized platform for our developers. Its support of CI/CD pipelines allows us to fully embrace Scrum principles and deliver new features within short release cycles.


Software development must be conducted with a security first mindset, otherwise deep systemic vulnerabilities may arise. At [X82Softworks] we conduct all of our operations assuming malicious actors might be present in order to provide the highest possible level of security to our clients.

From PGP encrypted emails, to CVE code scanners, public key infrastructure and more, we aim to provide the most secure development experience possible.


In order to provide secure policy based access control systems (PBAC) and automate transient role assumption we have chosen to use Hashicorp's Vault to manage our secrets and protect our sensitive data. Vault allows us to act securely in low trust networks such as public clouds without jeopardizing information that could be used by attackers. It's diverse range of authentication solution allows us to support enterprise level auth services like Active Directory and LDAP with minimal configuration .


Innovation by first principles.

1. Research & AnalysisSolutions are limited to how well defined their problems are. At [X82Softworks] we conduct upfront analysis for our clients to create documents outlining the constraints of the problem space as well as possible implementations and their associated tradeoffs in the long and short term.

Together with our clients we construct the plans necessary to fulfill their requirements. This includes prototyping, comprehensive documentation and performance projections.
2. Project PlanningAt [X82Softworks] we practice Agile methodology using scrum processes. Stakeholders and product owners are encouraged to join in our planning sessions to prioritize high impact business deliverables. Our research from the analysis phase is used to create loose long term plans designed to minimize wasted developer time often seen in simpler kanban systems.

All projects are managed using Jira by Atlassian to provide live overview to stakeholders and tracking project milestones and releases.
3. Software Development All of our solutions are maintained by pipelines to ensure reproducible builds, and to automate code linting ,deployment, building, vulnerability scanning and testing. We use environment encapsulation so that rapid development can occur in the DEV environments with continuous integration of approved release candidates to ensure immediate business value.

Our philosophy is that a problem should be solved once correctly and then that solution replicated.
4. Quality AssuranceQA is conducted in parallel with development. We undertake a number of tests to ensure that the delivered code meets our high quality metrics. In addition to the standard suite of tests for unit, integration, regression and end to end testing we also offer additional services designed for additional safety.

These can involve penetration testing for security checks, load testing to ensure that our products are scalable and resilient against DDOS, fault testing to test that software fails gracefully when external dependencies are unavailable and more depending on the use case.
5. Support and MaintanceDay 2 operations involve additional upgrades to the solutions not known until release, triage and ongoing maintenance. Included in our deliverables are analytics and monitoring systems designed to detect possible problems before they occur as well as track solution performance.

[X82Softworks] also provides incident reporting and first response services that are integrated into autoamted alarms built into our solutions. These faciliate lightning fast resolution and transparency to stakeholders in cases of emergency.

Partnering to solve problems.

At [X82Softworks] we are partners with some of the top technology companies in the world. This is to ensure that we can ship high quality products and solutions to market in the fastest way possible.

We are proud to be working with some of the most innovative companies in their domain.

Unlock superior technology for your business today.

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